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Are you visiting Guwahati or do you live in Guwahati? Either case, I am sure you are having a trouble finding a restaurant that serves your hunger and your budget. Worry not as I bring to you many such affordable restaurants in Guwahati. I am not a foodie! But, if I am served with good food and good food, my previous statement turns into a lie. I don’t have a specific taste choice. My choice of food varies with my mood xD. But, this doesn’t stop me from visiting restaurants and making a note of that place.

Today, let’s roam in FAT BELLY. Yes, you heard it right. Fat Belly has many outlets in the city making it one of the best restaurants in Guwahati. But specifically, let’s talk about the Uzanbazar outlet. In an area like Uzanbazar, where you find nothing but crowd of restaurants and food outlets competing to beat the hunger of people, finding the best shop is surely a headache. Trust me as I say that you can visit the Fat Belly at Uzanbazar without any doubt. Be it the quality of the food or the service or the location, everything is up to the point.


A simple Google search shall lead you to the location. Just to help you guys, it’s nearby the planetarium. Just search ‘fat belly uzanbazar‘, and you shall find the directions without any hassle.



Ṭhe ambience is pretty good there. The interiors are polished with warm sweet tones and are a treat to the eyes. Constant music plays in the background, making the whole time spent there to be peaceful.

Let’s talk about the prices. Fat Belly prices are affordable. You will be shocked at the quantity they are offering at that low price. It’s totally worth it.

Let me help you get an idea of their affordability. Chicken noodles cost INR 160 there. Two-three people can easily have their share of food from that one bowl. This is the level of affordability of food they are offering


Service is 100 out of 10. The staff is very responsive and well mannered. You don’t need to count ages to receive your ordered food, but expect to receive the food within your patience level.

Below are some of the dishes that I have tried:

Thukpa. The dish is very warmly prepared. You will find lots of veggies. Ideal for winter seasons.
Baby Corn and Mushroom. This is one of my personal favorites. The crunch you get after biting on the baby corns is simply wow.
The basic dish. Affordable and tasty.
Chilly Chicken. Comes with 8 pieces. Seasoned with diverse flavors and is a sweet treat to the mouth. 10/10 recommend it.
Chicken Yakitori. Tasty as it looks. The smoky flavor adds to the already good taste.


So, this was all about Fat Belly in Uzanbazar. Whatever I stated above is truly non-sponsored and crystal clear as water. I have been a daily customer at this restaurant, and so I shared with you guys my personal experiences.

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  1. I heard that foods become more delicious if we visit with beautiful lady there. Will you be that beautiful lady for me????

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