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Do you want to treat your pimples overnight? Or in a week? Then, you have landed on the right page lovelies! Oh sorry! I Respect all genders 🙂 I know most of you will scroll to the main section to read the products that you need to add to your Amazon cart and buy it !! Yes, yes I get the adrenaline rush. You may scroll to the main part or read from here so that you get an answer to your question about- How To Get Rid of Pimples.

But, let me first strike you with a reality check that you can’t treat pimples overnight. You know how the saying goes- “Rome was not built in a day“.

Why do pimples occur

Basic Introduction

A pimple is a small bump on your skin. Pimples don’t necessarily occur only on the face but on certain body parts as well. Pimples mostly develop on oily skin but even dry-skinned people suffer pimples.

If you want to find out why pimples occur, you might not be able to find the exact reason because there isn’t any single reason. Let’s dive into the world of pimples 🙂

Causes of Pimples

Everyone wants to know why and how pimples occur. Yes, as said there can be a whole list of pimple causes. Some of the primary causes are:

  • Excess oil production
  • Rise in Testosterone level
  • Intake of junk foods
  • Dehydration
  • Lack of proper skincare, etc.

Let’s understand the process in a detailed manner. Human skin has an underlying layer known as sebaceous glands. These glands are connected to the surface of the skin through pores or you can say hair follicles.

Sebaceous glands produce “sebum” or in layman’s terms, oil. This oil or sebum is responsible for keeping the hair follicles and the skin moisturized and nourished. The sebum is transported through the hair follicle to the skin’s surface.

Along with sebum, dead skin cells are also carried along with sebum to the surface of the skin. But, sometimes, there is an overproduction of oil due to various causes like hormonal imbalances or lack of proper diet.

This excess oil and dead skin cells get blocked in the pores and form clogged pores. This leads to bacterial infection. Henceforth, it leads to inflammation, swelling, and infection, around the pore thereby causing pimples.

How to treat pimples. Why Do Pimples Occur

Treatment Of Pimples

Phew! We just completed a biography on Pimples 🙂 But what’s the treatment for this? Nobody wants pimple son their face. So what is the treatment for this? Read below:

Cleanse! Cleanse! Cleanse!

Cleanse your face to remove all the dirt you have on your face. If you have oily skin, you must strictly use oil-free cleansers. You have seen how oil (sebum) is one of the major causes of pimples. So, you don’t want to trigger their growth. You may consider using Cetaphil Cleansers because they are friendly to oily skin people.

Are Cetaphil Cleansers good for skin?

Use Oil Free Moisturizers

If you have oily skin, please do not kill yourself by using oily moisturizers. Moisturizers are important but you can ditch the oily ones. A lot of people might disagree with this, but people with dry skin shouldn’t use oily moisturizers. Instead, they should use hyaluronic acid-based moisturizers. Hyaluronic acid keeps the skin hydrated and also decreases the occurrence of pimples.

Are Oil Free Moisturizers worth it

Remove Your Hands

Do yourself a favor. Remove your fingers from your face. Your fingers are always exposed to a wide range of bacteria. Bacteria breeds and parties on your fingers and palms. Putting those fingers on your face can trigger bacteria growth, thereby increasing the chances for pimples to develop.

Touching your face can lead to pimple outbursts.

Keep your scalp clean

Remember your mom yelling at you to wash your hair every two to three days? Well, you see she wasn’t fully wrong. Keeping your scalp clean might help in the reduction of pimples. Oil on your hair, might cause the oil to seep down onto your face thereby causing pimples.

Wash your hair. Keep your skin clean. Treat your pimples the right way

Too much Intake Of Fast Food

Too much intake of fast food can trigger pimples. Fast foods contain high amounts of oil and these oils can result in clogged pores thereby causing pimples.

Fast food can lead to pimple outburst. Fast foods contain lots of oil that are unhealthy for your skin.

Invest In The Right Skincare Products

With the thousands of skincare products available in the market, it’s a crowded place to find the right products for you. Choosing the right product for you by ditching the trends might be hard for you. But you need to do that!

Products to treat pimples

Don’t waste your money on some products, just because a famous influencer used them or you saw the product’s aesthetic videos.

Products To Use

Okay, so pimples are undoubtedly a major insecurity cause in everyone’s life. Scrolling through countless websites to find the perfect product might be a hard task for you. Here are a few products you might want to try to get visible results-


Yes, you probably must have heard about it. Henceforth, insert retinol into your skincare routine to get visibly clear skin. Retinol is a derivative of Vitamin A. Vitamin A is responsible for maintaining healthy skin and helps in cell regrowth, primarily desquamation. So how does Retinol prevent pimple breakout?

  • As you all know, pimples are caused by excessive production of sebum. Retinol helps in the reduction of the overproduction of sebum.
  • Desquamation is the process of preventing pores from getting clogged. Retinol has vitamin A which helps in desquamation. This further reduces future breakouts, because retinol boosts the healthy shedding of dead skin cells.
  • Retinol also helps in anti aging process. Collagen are proteins that provide perfect structure and strength to your skin. As we age, our collagen production drops thereby leading to the generation of wrinkles. Retinol boosts collagen production and thus helps to channel your youth.

How To Use Retinol

  1. Invest in a good retinol. Most importantly, start with some lower concentrations. I remember how my friend once got her whole face covered with pimples after using retinol. Shocking right? Therefore please start with lower concentrations.
  2. Use retinol only at night.
  3. Incorporate retinol into your skincare routine slowly. Use two to three times a week.
  4. Start with a cleanser. Using retinol on dirty skin won’t work.
  5. Apply Vaseline to the corners of your eyes, nose and lips before applying.
  6. Follow retinol with a hyaluronic acid and a moisturizer. Retinol dries out quickly, making skin dry and rough, leading to wrinkles.
  7. Take a pea-size amount only.
  8. Use sunscreen in the daytime. Retinol removes your skin cells and hence your skin gets more exposed to the sun. You don’t want to invite sun damage to your skin, trust me!

Other Similar Products To Use To Treat Pimples

Maintain consistency. You won’t get results if you don’t remain consistent. Remember that Consistency is the key. Stay tuned till the next blog.

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